A Hodge Podge of Things

Things I haven’t gotten around to blogging about:

  • Our awesome spring break trip to Great Wolf Lodge in the Wisconsin Dells. We went with some friends (Phil’s best friend from high school) who have a two-year old little boy. It was totally stress-free and perfect. The kids napped at the same time, the kids splashed and had a great time at the water park, and then the kids went to bed at the same time, and we played games for several hours. It was a really fun, relaxing trip. The perfect reward at the end of studying for (and taking) the Bar Exam.Wisconsin Dells Great Wolf Lodge
  • Our trip to the Cottonwood Art Festival that I wrote about last week. While we were there we strolled past one of the artists who focused on jewelry and were immediately drawn in. Everything he made was so incredibly beautiful. So much so that we found ourselves ordering a custom wedding ring to upgrade my current ring. Upgrading my ring was something we’ve contemplated doing for a while, but I didn’t want to do it unless we could find a really unique ring like the one I currently have. I think we succeeded. The artist has to make the ring still, so I won’t have it for a few months, but I am so happy and so excited about this ring!
    Sapphire Ring
  • We planted a garden a few weeks ago. Two tomato plants, several different types of peppers and some squash seeds. Everything is growing well and getting big!
  • Last week, I met up with some other bloggers from the North Texas area for a really fun evening. We went out to Grapevine for a Behind the Scenes Tour of the Sea Life Aquarium. I was super excited because Phil and I were members of the Sea Life Aquarium in Minneapolis, but we’d never done the Behind the Scenes Tour before. The tour was really interesting to see how the aquarium operates. For instance, did you know you can perform surgery on a fish? Maybe you did, but the idea had never occurred to me. And don’t worry, you don’t have to operate underwater, you just pour water over the fish’s gills every 10 seconds or so. (I asked a ton of questions; I was the only one who did. #homeschooler). It was also awesome to see the sharks from above, because yo could actually see the fins swimming around sticking out of the water, just like in a movie. I’d never seen sharks that way before; it is pretty ominous. (FYI: We are trying to teach Jaye that sharks say “Du-Dun, Du-Dun” like in Jaws). Afterwards, the bloggers and I had a little tour of the mall and a delicious dinner at The Rainforest Cafe. It was a really fun night out!
    Sea Life Aquarium
  • That about covers it! However, I reserve the right to do a more comprehensive post at a future date on any one of these topics if I feel like it 🙂


  1. That ring looks GORGEOUS!!!! Oooooh how awesome!!

    • Thanks, Jenn! I wasn’t even totally sure I wanted to upgrade (I’m typically more practical than that), but after seeing that one I was sold. And now I’m so excited for it to arrive!

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