Ack: An Update on Law School

This is the point of the semester where I just want to thud my head down on the desk. Unfortunately, it’s mostly due to my own overachieving stupidity (see 3 through 5 below).

Things on my plate:
1. I just finished my second (and last thankfully) midterm. I had midterms in Con Law and Sales. I feel good about Sales. I feel good about Con Law too, but since it’s a curved class my “goodness” all depends on how everyone else did.
2. I have about 12 more pages to write on my long paper which is due Nov. 1. Unfortunately, I have absolutely nothing left to say. 
3. I have two assigned ACs and I (foolishly?) volunteered to take on another one.
4. I’m trying out for a moot court competition. I sent in a writing sample and cover letter last week. I just heard today that I “get” to do an oral argument as well. I’ll be reliving my WRAP summary judgment motion from last year. I never thought I’d have to go through that again. Well, it can’t be as bad as that WRAP class was. 
5. We’re having a big birthday party for me this weekend-Oktoberfest style. Cleaning and cooking are in my future. 
6. I’m taking the MPRE (a required ethics exam) on Nov. 6. I think I’ll start studying sometime soon…
7. I need to get a second round of cover letters and resumes out to more Dallas firms ASAP. 
8. We’re hosting Thanksgiving. 

All in all, a lot to do, but a lot of fun stuff going on too. Things are good. I’m excited for my party; I wanted to do it last year but decided it was too much. I would say second year is definitely  more work, but there’s less fear, too.  


  1. Anonymous says:

    Never fear, you have a big birthday box coming from your loving family here in Dallas, and there is chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!


  2. Re Thanksgiving: we are expecting a perfectly spotless house, activities planned for every moment of the day, and a full dinner cooked by you while we luxuriate in the den. You have a den, right?

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