Baby See Baby Do

Lately, Jaye must do whatever she sees Phil or I doing. If we sweep the kitchen floor, she must sweep (unsuccessfully). If I’m writing a grocery list on the marker board, she must scribble too (successfully). If we are building an Ikea table with the screwdriver, you guessed it, Jaye has to as well.

I love this about her. I love the sense of confidence. “I can do that” she thinks. She doesn’t worry about being to small or just a baby.

I love her focus and determination as well. She would not let us have the screwdriver back. She was going to figure it out. When she’s super focused, her breathing becomes slower and louder. I love that too.

Here’s a movie of Jaye building Ikea with her screwdriver. It’s pretty similar to the pictures. But pretty adorable.

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