Back in the saddle again

Phil and I just got back from Texas. We headed down for a visit at the end of July. As soon as we landed in DFW, we were whisked away to Schlitterbaun, an enormous, awesome waterpark an hour south of Austin. We spent two days at the waterpark with the entire crew: our parents, our little siblings (Lillian and Lucy-13, Will-10), our brother (Grant), our sister-in-law (Rachel), and our nephew (Benjamin-1). It was a blast.

After the waterpark, we headed back to Dallas where some extended family came down to celebrate Benjamin’s first birthday! We also surprised Phil by celebrating his birthday as well!

Phil headed back to Minneapolis for the work week while I stayed in Texas to spend extra time with the baby (and the rest of the family too). But Phil was back on Friday to help me road trip our new truck back to Minneapolis! Thanks for the truck Mom and Dad! Meet Brunner, my first car and now Phil’s new car:
Now, we’re both back in Minneapolis. Classes start in about a week, Laura comes home on Friday, and Maureen‘s wedding is Saturday! In between all that, I’m busy applying for jobs in Dallas for next summer, starting research for my law review long paper, and trying to finish up the last few house projects.


  1. you should stop getting so much done and making me look bad:) How come Phil gets the truck?? I want to ride in it!

  2. Oh my goodness girl! You are a busy bee. Looks like a fun trip.

  3. @Laura, I’m not so much getting stuff done as making lists of all the stuff I need to do! And Phil only gets the truck because I didn’t want to even think about trying to park it a Mitchell. I don’t think it’s physically possible to parallel park a truck. 🙂