Bathroom Remodel

The weekend before our bike trip, we completed our bathroom remodel. Parts of it were definitely a struggle. We made 5 (count ’em FIVE) separate trips to Home Depot for different items. But we’re really happy with the result.
Before: outdated linoleum
That mustard color peeking out from where the sink was is gone. Now, a relaxing gray covers the walls.
This cheap plastic, chrome faucet had visible moldy spots underneath the faucet. Yuck. We’re loving this classy brushed nickel jobber much better.

We installed some stick-down-easy-peasy faux slate tiles which we then grouted for an extra realistic look.
Some new accessories sealed the deal:
I’m very proud of my idea to put the mouthwash (which is too big to fit in the cabinet or on one of the bathroom shelves) in this glass bottle (thrift store find!).
The last two finishing touches aren’t quite finished though. I want to clean up these shelves a little bit, perhaps with more woven baskets or glass jars.
Also, I think this wall above the towel rack might need something on it. Not sure…

Paint color: Behr, Manhattan Mist from Home Depot. $20
Flooring: Armstrong, from Lowes, $30
Brown wooden bath mat: Target, $24.99
Shower Curtain: Target, $29.99
Trash can and soap dispenser: Bed Bath and Beyond, $29.99, $19.99
Mouthwash Decanter and Basket: Savers, $5

Various supplies from Home Depot, $30
Total: $189.96 (under $200, woohoo!)


  1. I love it all, and I loved seeing it in person! You did a great job.