Bathroom Renewal Part One

One of the tasks on my list before we rent the house and move to Texas is the bathroom. We had the shower tile redoneabout a year or so ago. At the time, Phil and I tried to seal the grout ourselves. But it hadn’t worked.

The grout in the shower is disgusting. I plan on having a handyperson come out to seal it so we can get it right this time. But first I have to get it clean. 

Luckily, I had an excellent helper today.

Yuck, Momma. That grout is gross.

To get started, I googled. I wanted something that would get the grout clean but as naturally as possible. The second link I found suggested using Hydrogen Peroxide diluted with water. I just used straight hydrogen peroxide, because I didn’t read close enough and didn’t notice the diluted part. I just poured it in a spray bottle.

 After a little elbow grease,  my DIY grout cleaner with only one ingredient was showing signs of success. Well, maybe two ingredients if you count the elbow grease.
I sprayed the peroxide on, waited a moment and just started scrubbing. I started with an old toothbrush, but the bristles weren’t really sturdy enough so I switched to a scrub brush. I periodically used a rag to wipe down the wall with water because the dirt was streaming off.
It’s not perfect, but it’s getting there. I’m going to try some other cleaners before sealing the grout up. If there’s a miracle cleaner, I might have to try it on the kitchen floor, too. This method was pretty scrubbing intensive; I’m not sure I’d want to tackle the entire kitchen floor this way.
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