Beach Trip 2012

We went to the beach awhile ago. It was so long ago that Jaye couldn’t even walk yet. Like at the end of July. But here are pictures and videos finally.

The very first evening we were at the beach. Jaye was in love instantly.

Here’s a video of her first encounter with the ocean. Loves it.

We hung out with family.

We dug a whole for Jaye and made her a sand exer-saucer of sorts.

Here she is in video playing in her sand hole. She liked being able to stand and play.

Jaye was full of adventure and would just take off crawling across the sand.

We did a lot of boogie boarding.

It was a great relaxing week!


  1. Aw so adorable! You guys got a lot of great pictures. I love that last one of the three of you.