Birthday Weekend

Last weekend pretty much revolved around my birthday. Starting at the middle of the weekend, we had a fabulous, fun Oktoberfest party on Saturday night. We had a keg of Leinie’s, a firepit, smores, yard games, and lots of German food. We cooked: homemade pretzels, Kraut and Kielbasa sausage, Black Forest Cake, Bierockis (like German empanadas), Beer Cheese Soup, German potatoes, and Gingersnaps. We invited a bunch of people from law school, Phil’s last job, college friends, neighbors, and even an old professor of ours! It was a blast. 
Due to the party, Laura and I spend Friday night cooking up a storm. We were so tired at the end we didn’t even feel like playing Settlers!
Sunday, Phil and I went out for a nice post-party breakfast. Phil gave me my present, the jacket from WhiteBlack that I had been stalking/coveting/waiting for it to go on sale. I love it! It’s so cute, but we had to head to the mall and exchange it for a more itty-bitty Jill size. They are shipping to to me, but here’s a picture of it. Don’t worry, when I wear it I won’t have such a mean, snotty look on my face. And I (hopefully) won’t look so washed out and ghostly. 

We ended up doing some other shopping for Phil some new clothes and shoes while we were out, and then came home to an afternoon and evening of studying, leftover German food, and the Vikings game. Overall, a stupendous weekend!


  1. Anonymous says:

    GReat jacket! How did he know you wanted it? Lots of hints, eh?

  2. I think it was a combination of a hint and a call to my best friend!

  3. Aha! Good job, Laura.

    I don’t like the way the girl in the ad is wearing it though.

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