Busy Week

My mom came to town last Sunday (on Mother’s Day!). She was originally supposed to be in town to watch Jaye all day while I did my last class for law school, a week long intensive advanced trial course. However, I’m not so good at math, so it turned out that I didn’t have to take that last class! Hooray!

Since my mom had tickets already, she came but we turned our focus to packing! And we’ve been packing like packing machines. The upstairs is all boxed up. Jaye’s been inspecting the packing supplies.

A moving truck is scheduled to arrive at our house in Minneapolis on June 13th! We have a moving date! I just got off the phone with our landlady, and we’ll pick up keys to our new rent house on June 16th.

And finally, I graduate from law school on Sunday! I tried on the robe and regalia this afternoon. It doesn’t actually hang to the ground, so that’s good. Phil and I are getting ready to go out alone for a celebratory dinner to the 112 Eatery, our favorite restaurant in Minneapolis.