What to Buy at Kids Consignment Sales (and What to Skip)

What to Buy at Kids Consignment Sales

Almost 4 years ago, I went to my first kids consignment sale, a Just Between Friends (JBF) sale in Eagan, MN. I was pregnant with my daughter Jaye and had just finished scarfing a hamburger and onion rings from Burger King in the car. I had no clue what to expect. 4 years later, Jaye is 3 and a half and I'm gearing up for my umpteenth kids consignment sale, Just Between Friends Fort Worth to prepare to welcome a new baby in just a few short weeks. So I thought I'd dish up some advice I've … [Read more...]

Consignment Sale Review: JBF McKinney

JBF Mckinney

Last Friday, I shopped at the JBF Mckinney kids consignment sale. It was one of the biggest sales I've been to this fall. I would definitely go back. What I thought of JBF Mckinney: The sale was located in a hotel just off of highway 75 and Stacy Rd. in Allen, TX. It was easy to find and there was free parking! There were several cute boutique booths set up outside the sale. I saw some adorable hair bows that I wanted for Jaye, but I didn't stop because I was in a hurry to shop the sale … [Read more...]

JBF Mckinney is Coming Up!

JBF McKinney

This post was sponsored by JBF McKinney. All opinions are my own, and, as you know, I honestly love and attend kids consignment sales all the time! The Just Between Friends consignment sale was the first kids consignment sale I ever attended. Back when we lived in Minnesota and I was first pregnant with Jaye, my friend Laura and I went to the First Time Moms presale event at a JBF sale. I had heard that JBF was the place to go when you had kids, but I didn't know what to expect. So I showed up … [Read more...]

Consignment Sale Review: Growing Growing Gone

Growing Growing Gone

Growing Growing Gone hosted 3 consignment sales in the Dallas area this fall. I've been to two of them. Here's what I thought and what I bought. Growing Growing Gone Dallas - Fall 2013 The Dallas G3 sale was the first consignment sale I went to this season. It ran July 31-August 2, and I was there on the first day. The sale was easy to find in a church at the corner of Inwood Rd. and Northwest Hwy. The sale location was big and nice. I actually ran into Cher who hosted my awesome Pintwist … [Read more...]

How Much Money Can You Save at Kids Consignment Sales?

Save Money at Kids Consignment Sales 3

JBF Fort Worth provided me with a gift certificate for myself and one for a reader as compensation for my time and work on this post about how to save money at kids consignment sales! However, all opinions are my own honest thoughts, and I do actually shop at the JBF Fort Worth sale, even without a gift certificate! I buy most of Jaye's clothes at big kids consignment sales. I like that I can do all the shopping in one big batch each season. Everyone knows you save money at kids consignment … [Read more...]