Chalking it up Again! Chalkboard Pantry

Chalkboard Pantry

While I had the chalkboard paint open working on Jaye’s chalkboard dresser,I decided to whip up a chalkboard pantry as well. I used Frog Tape to tape off the inside of our pantry door. I made sure to smash the tape down really well. Then I just painted on two nice coats of chalkboard paint. It would have been better to use a foam roller, but I just used a brush. You can kind of see brush marks, but it’s not too bad.

Chalkboard Pantry

After the chalkboard paint has dried for 7 days, you have to scribble all over the chalkboard with regular chalk to prep it. Then you wipe that off and you’re good to go. You can use a chalk marker right away, but you need to wait another 3 days before you use water to clean your new chalkboard pantry. Or at least that’s what the back of the can said. Consult it for more detail!

I used a chalk marker to write the Groceries heading. But we’ve bene using regular chalk to write out our meal plans to the left of the grocery list. And Jaye has been enjoying the chalk door as well, as you can tell.

This was a quick and easy project that’s adding a lot of function to our kitchen. I highly recommend heading to the hardware store for the supplies to paint your own chalkboard pantry! Is anybody else as pro-chalkboards-in-the-kitchen as I am?

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