Craigslist Credenza to the Rescue!

One of the challenges of this home currently has been the very limited counter space in the kitchen. To combat that, I scoured Craisglist to find a credenza/buffet/dresser/thingamabob for the dining room. Success! So, I borrowed my old truck from my parents (my first car was a huge pickup truck in high school. I named him Brunner after my favorite Dallas Stars hockey player), loaded up my brother, and headed to pick up my new credenza.

Dining Room Credenza

Together, my brother and I got her loaded up and home again. I love all the storage that she adds to the dining room. Plenty of room for tablecloths now (if only I could get the house in good enough shape to host a dinner party!) The plan is to use the new credenza as a coffee bar so that all of our many many methods of making coffee won’t take up valuable kitchen counter space. Check out some of our crazy coffee brewing methods or read my article on coffee grinder cleaning tips!

Dining Room Credenza

But back to my beautiful new credenza. Don’t you love those curves? I love the detailing on the drawers, the clean lines, the tone of the wood color. I think it’s going to be a perfect coffee bar. But how does it look in the room, you ask? Enough beauty shots, you say?

Dining Room Credenza

Here she is in context. We’re still rocking our dark Crate and Barrel table (another Craigslist score) and Ikea woven chairs. The chairs are definitely showing some wear and aren’t the best for the toddler to sit in. Maybe someday they will retire. And check out that awesome red closet! I want to paint all the closets in the house a different fun color so that you are surprised and smile every time you open the door.

So that’s my latest Craigslist find. When I was doing Jaye’s nursery, I saw a teal metal credenza just like the one in Mandi’s awesome entryway but I never pulled the trigger on buying it. I’ve regretted it ever since. It was the credenza that got away. Have you ever had an awesome credenza escape your clutches? Or maybe just regretted not making a purchase of some type? Do tell. We can bemoan our losses together.


  1. Jill, it’s beautiful! Great find. Also, love your closet painting idea!