A Day in the Life of Jaye at 25 Months

I love looking back on the three day in the life posts I wrote a long time ago. I wish I had written more, because it’s fun to see what a day was like at 6 weeks, 3 months, and 7 months. Here’s a day in the life of a 2 year old. This was Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2013.

Day in the LIfe of a 2 Year Old

8:30: Jaye woke up late this morning. Phil had snuggled her when she woke up for a bit around 5. Sometimes, when that happens she ends up sleeping in later. I went in to get her up and we took off her pull-up (she’s potty trained, but not at nap-time or night-time). After she’s dressed, we come into my bedroom so I can get dressed. And Jaye helps me make the bed. Which starts out like the picture on the left, but usually becomes the picture on the right. She likes to hide.

Day in the LIfe of a 2 Year Old

And of course, the last step in any good bed-making process is throwing the baby on the bed. Jaye loves the game “throw the baby on the bed” and requests it by name. Right now, she likes counting to three herself before she gets thrown.

Day in the LIfe of a 2 Year Old

9:00: We head to the dining room for breakfast. Lately, we’ve been enjoying cereal, a Kashi fruit shredded wheat type. Jaye always wants me to sit down next to her during breakfast. If I don’t, she yells, “Mama sju-sju (sit down) Mama chair!!!”

Day in the LIfe of a 2 Year Old

9:30: To Jaye’s great delight, Mimi came over today. Jaye easily convinced her to read to her. Reading is one of Jaye’s all-time favorite activities. After a few books, we headed into Jaye’s bedroom to sort her fall/winter clothes. Mimi and I worked on putting together some outfits and seeing what the holes in Jaye’s wardrobe were. Jaye loved this game and tried on several new outfits.

Day in the LIfe of a 2 Year Old

10:45: After we finished with the clothes, we decided to get Jaye out of the house to burn off some energy. We headed to Willow Bend Mall, where we stopped to pick up a few solid colored shirts. And then off to the play area.

Day in the LIfe of a 2 Year Old

12:08: We burned off some energy at the mall play area. Jaye and Mimi practiced yawning to help Jaye get over her fear of this big mouth slide on the right. By the end, she was brave enough to go down it once! Then we headed to the food court for lunch before leaving the mall.

Day in the Life of a 2 Year Old

4:07 pm: Jaye slept for 3 hours today! An ENORMOUS nap. In fact, I actually woke her up since it was after 4 and I didn’t want to ruin bedtime. She was so sweet and cuddly in her bed. We jumped up and rushed out to make it to the Gymboree open gym for some playtime.


5:45 pm: After Gymboree, we went over to Mimi and Pops’ house for dinner since Phil was still out of town. Jaye enjoyed eating guacamole up on the stools with Aunt Lucy.


7:15 pm: After dinner, Jaye did some multi-tasking, making a few important phone calls while mopping the floor. We headed home around 8pm to start Jaye’s bedtime routine. She usually starts her bath at 8. Tonight, she got to stay up a little later since she took such a long nap.

And that’s what it looks like to be a 2 year old Jayebug.


  1. What a sweet girl! I wish blogging, cell phones, and all that good stuff was around when my baby girl was a baby!
    Michelle @ Life on the Horizon recently posted…Blogging Challenge: Worst Date EVER! {Blog Post}My Profile

    • Thank you! All the technology is kind of a mixed blessing. Sometimes it’s a distraction. But mostly, I’m glad it’s easy to document things!

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