DFW in Review: Dallas Children’s Museum

When my sister in law Rachel and her little ones were in town, we discovered the Dallas Children’s Museum hiding in the basement of the Science Place.

One of the rooms was full of foam shapes and things to crawl on. It was limited to just babies, so no crazy “big kids” (like 3 yr olds) to knock Jaye over accidentally. Jaye liked it.

dallas children's museum

The next room had a nature theme. There were tanks with lizards, a puzzle that Benjamin (3) enjoyed working on, and an ant tunnel to crawl through.

dallas children's museum

Jaye’s cousin Lyla (18 mths) had fun in the tunnel.

dallas children's museum

The next area was for playing house. Jaye enjoyed sweeping. It’s one of her favorite pastimes at home, too.

dallas children's museum, firetruck
There was an awesome firetruck with a slide. Benjamin donned a firesuit and tried it out.
dallas children's museum

 This is the best picture ever taken of Jaye and her two cousins on this side of the family. The last attempt (at Jaye’s birthday party) had everyone crying, so I’ll take this one.

There was also a fun water table room, but I didn’t manage to snag a picture. There was a farm themed area with lots of vegetables that Jaye sorted into bins.

Overall the museum was more geared towards kids older than Jaye, but it still made for a nice afternoon out. And she’ll be able to do more and more things soon. She loved the water table. The museum was a little bit crowded in certain parts, but not too bad.


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