DIY Snow Globe Ornaments

On Friday while Jaye was at Mother’s Day Out, I whipped up a bunch of these adorable, easy diy snow globe ornaments! Or maybe they are more like bell jar ornaments. Either way, they were a fun project and got a good reception at the DFW Blogger Ornament Exchange I took one to.

Here’s how it went down.

1. I was inspired by these vintage bell jar ornaments, which I, of course, found via Pinterest. So I started gathering supplies. You’ll need: plastic wine glasses (from Dollar Tree), poster board, ribbon, snow (from Wal-Mart), and miniatures. I found the miniature trees at Wal-Mart for $0.75 a piece. I got the miniature holiday figures from Dollar Tree, $1 for three.

2. The original post mentioned cutting down the wine glass stems to be shorter. I opted to skip this step because I’m lazy. And cutting plastic seemed hard. Also, I didn’t have anything to close the top with if I had cut them. The downside to not cutting was that it was harder to add the snow.

3. So I started by tracing around my wine glass on my poster board. Then cut it out.

4. Figure out where you want your figurines. The Christmas trees I had were too tall to fit inside the wine glass, so I just cut them down to size.

5. Hot glue your figures down to the poster board. Let them dry.

6. If you want snow, add it to the wine glass, which you are holding upright in your hand. Then spread a thin layer of hot glue on the rim of the wine glass. Lower the figurine on the poster board into the wine glass and press the edges of the circle down, gluing it to the wine glass. Now you can turn the glass over, letting the snow fall down, and set it down to dry.

7. Hang on the tree once it’s dry! I used a lot more snow in this one with just the winter skaters. I like that look with just the figures, but I liked less snow when there was a tree inside as well. Enjoy your cool new diy snow globe ornaments!

Or take them to an ornament exchange! Here’s mine being opened by the oh so funny and warm and friendly Nicole.

The ornament I received in exchange was this cool Texas flag from Heather. It’s perfect since this is our first family Christmas in Texas! That’s the open and genuine and awesome April¬†grinning behind me. We met at the last DFW Blogger event and hit it off, so we were super excited to talk in person again this time!

Finally, a group shot. Thanks so much to Sarah for taking all three of these awesome pictures and sharing them with us!

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