I kind of can’t believe it. I finished taking the Texas Bar Exam yesterday. It’s weird not to have it looming in front of me anymore. It also feels amazing to be done. It was an exhausting 3 days. Can you even imagine a test that lasts for 3 WHOLE DAYS?

Let’s just say I was very happy to get home last night. Jaye did a good job hiding her extreme excitement at seeing me by merely commenting on my dangly earrings. I was so happy to see her (and Phil). I missed her so much, but I think overall it was good to stay in Fort Worth and just focus on the exam.

photo (3)

Reminder: My Bar Exam Giveaway ends in 14 hours! And there are only 61 entries right now, so everyone has a good shot of winning!

Thank you all for the awesome comments. It was so much fun to have sweet comments and awesome limericks/haikus waiting for me after finishing the test each evening!


  1. YAY for no more test!!!!!!!! You are still my hero for being able to survive such an extreme situation. I hope you treat yourself to a spa day soon. You certainly deserve it.

    Nicole @ Three 31

  2. Congratulations! Two days was bad enough, I can’t even imagine a third. I’m happy that it is behind you and you can focus on finding a job and being a mom!