Fingerpainting Literally.

Valentine’s Day is coming up! Phil and I have never made a big deal out of the holiday, but now that we have a kid, it’s a fun excuse to send a cute card out to some loved ones! The other day Jaye and I made some quick and easy Valentines. This was such a fun Valentine’s Day craft for a toddler!

Valentines3  I started by covering our kitchen table with a garbage bag, one of the big black ones. I taped the edges underneath the table so it wouldn’t wiggle around. Then Jaye donned an oversized t-shirt as a painting smock and we set to work.


I cut a couple of hearts out of cardstock for Jaye to paint on. We started with finger painting. She had so much fun squooshing the paint around with her fingers. Once there was a lot of paint on her hand, she started (of her own accord!) trying to make a handprint. I think she’s learned that from Mother’s Day Out since a lot of the crafts there involve handprints.

Valentines2 For the next heart, I gave her a little paintbrush and some blue paint. Giving her just one (or two) colors was key to ending up with cute Valentines and not just brown blobs, since lots of colors together would have just mixed to brown. Once she was armed with the brush, she quickly decided it was more fun to paint her arm and fingers. Which was fine by me, since she was having fun (and it was washable paint). After the paint dried, I just wrote the message on and in the mail they went.

Last year, I did a photo Valentine’s card but now that Jaye is bigger, it was fun to do a Valentine’s Day craft that we could both be involved in and that just happened to also result in some sweetly painted Valentines! Has anyone else made Valentine’s with their little ones? Or done a cute photoshoot?

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