Easter Adventures Pt. 2: First Easter Egg Hunt

On Sunday, Jaye had her first Easter egg hunt and she loved it! Here’s how it all went down. My family came over after church with Kentucky Fried Chicken, a tradition from when I was growing up. We used to always get KFC and go to a park for an Easter egg hunt. Grant and I loved those hunts, so much that when they were done, we made Mom and Dad hide all the (now empty) eggs again, just for the fun of looking.

First Easter egg hunt

After we’d had our fill of fried chicken and mashed potatoes, we all headed out to the backyard and gave Jaye her Easter basket. She didn’t really seem too excited (but that might be because we’d already used some of the gardening tools last week–oops).

First Easter egg hunt

But the egg hunt was a different story. That was exciting. We started by giving her one egg with an M&M inside. Once she opened and ate it, she wanted more, of course! When we asked her “Where are the eggs? Do you see one?” she started looking around.

First Easter egg hunt

It didn’t take too long before she definitely had the idea. She’d find an egg and come running to me shaking it to see what was inside. We filled her eggs with yogurt melts and some with one or two M&Ms.

First Easter egg hunt

She “mmmmm” or “whhooa” as we opened each egg. So adorable. Then she’d give the empty egg to Pops (whose name she can say now with a very emphatic “paah!” noise) and start toddling around saying “more?”

First Easter egg hunt
It was pretty much the cutest thing in the world. And her Easter dress is SO adorable! I’m hoping to go to the Arboretum this week to take more pictures of her in it!

First Easter egg hunt

You should really take another minute to look at the pictures from Jaye’s first Easter as well. Baby fever!


  1. What fun! I can’t wait to try this with Henry next year. He was just a bit too young for hiding eggs this year. Although he liked eating them. 😉

    Also, great family photo! Glad you had a nice Easter

    • That’s how Jaye was last year. Her favorite was gnawing on eggs and pulling Easter grass out of the basket. It’s crazy how much she’s changed in a year and how big Henry will be by next Easter!

  2. This is awesome. I love that y’all have a tradition of getting KFC!! And Jaye’s dress is adorable. So is yours! Cute pictures!!

    • Thanks! The KFC is kind of a funny tradition; that’s about the only time we ever eat there! But I kind of forgot how delicious fried chicken is.

  3. My kids love easter egg hunts, but this is the first year we got to do it outside (MN weather is just too unpredictable, and I’m not brave) and they *loved* it.

    I love your blog, maybe we can move from being old college hockey friends to mommy blog friends. 🙂

    • MN weather would make the whole Easter/spring thing hard. Last year when we were in MN, it was hard to find Jaye a dress that felt “Easter-y” but was still warm enough.

      It’s funny how things change and how quickly it seems to happen too. It doesn’t seem that long ago we were playing some WHAC hockey and now we have kids! It will be fun to reconnect via blog!

  4. barb berg says:

    I can completely relate to your comment on how fast things can change and how quickly it seems to happen; a generic yet profound definition of life. This brought back so many memories of my childhood…my parents would hide the chocolate eggs all over the house…EVERYWHERE and we would fly around the house with our baskets and sweep them up. Mom would throw them behind chairs and their favorite place was in the piano on the keyboard. I loved reading this. Thanks for the memories and for the darling pictures of Jaye and yours.

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