Fourth CSA box

Yesterday, Aki and I ended up wandering through the downtown farmer’s market after some Salvation Army shopping and before a beer at Brit’s. I love, love, love the farmer’s market. And miss not going so often now that we’re doing the csa. But the advantage of the csa is in forcing me to eat more vegetables and different ones than I would normally buy.
This week we got a mystery plant:
It’s like a celery stalk with dill leaves growing out of a white bulb. I was bumfuzzled. After cutting it in half at home, though, I got my first clue. The inside of the bulb smells like licorice. Some quick googling confirmed my suspicion that this is fennel!
Now the question is, what to do with fennel? Especially since, I don’t like licorice.
We also got:
swiss chard
green onions
bok choy
and…my favorite… cherries!!
Last night, we ate almost the whole head of lettuce in a fancy, fancy salad with homemade vinaigrette, chicken breast, yellow and orange peppers, spinach, and red onion. I think tonight, I’ll try that Eggs in a Nest recipe I’ve been talking about for a few weeks.


  1. That is indeed a very “bumfuzzled” expression on your face in the pic.

  2. That is one crazy looking plant. I have never even seen fennel. Interesting – can’t wait to see what you do with it.