Sunday was a big day. I graduated from law school! After three long hard years and one long boring ceremony, I got to walk across the stage and be done with law school forever!

Jaye was really happy for me.

Actually, she was mostly really interested in my hat. 

My dad flew into town for the ceremony. And he was actually really happy for me.

Phil was proud of me too. It was a good day full of proud feelings of accomplishment, some relief, and some disbelief that the day had finally arrived.
A free law degree isn’t a bad thing to pick up on the side of having a baby and meeting your best friend.
Who is such a nerd that she brought sticks so we could have a Harry Potter reenactment in our robe get-up. Doesn’t she look like Snape?
It was a great day. I’m glad I made it to the end and defeated law school, coming out way on top. I’m really grateful to have gotten to share the day with my dad and awesome husband and daughter. I’m also really grateful for all the help, love, and support I received from them throughout the past three years! Thank you Phil and Jaye!