10 Best Grandparents Day Ideas, Cards, & Crafts

10 Best Grandparents Day Ideas

Grandparents Day is coming up! This year, Grandparents Day is Sunday, September 8th. I’m sure you really didn’t need one more “holiday” to stress about or feel like you don’t measure up to the Pinterest hype. I know I don’t want that. Still, I thought this Sunday would be a good excuse to send a little card to Jaye’s grandparents (and great-grandparents). When Phil’s grandfather passed away, he still had the latest postcard of Jaye still displayed on his wall, and that has given me lots of motivation to make sure I send postcards to grandparents!

Luckily, it doesn’t have to take a lot of time to put a smile on grandma’s face. Here are the 10 best Grandparents Day ideas I’ve found. Most of them are pretty simple and easy. A few are more time-consuming, but still fun projects!

Grandparents Day Postcard Apps

1. The easiest thing in the world. I love using various postcard apps on my iPhone to send a quick card or postcard to a loved one. The two apps I use the most often are Postagram and Sincerely. Both are free to download and have easy software for you to choose and upload a picture to create a postcard or card. Then the app mails a printed version of the card you made directly to your recipient! Postagram has only postcards, costs 99 cents, and the picture is a small square on the back of the postcard that can be popped out to be displayed somewhere. Sincerely sends a bigger postcard where the picture is the entire front of the card and your message is on the back. Sincerely costs $1.99 per card. Neither app/company knows who I am at all. I’ve used both apps personally and have been pleased with the quality. I prefer Sincerely since the picture/card part is much bigger.

Grandparents Day Card

2. For Phil’s Grandma this year, I ordered a card from Cardstore.com, a website I’d never tried before. Cardstore sent me a free card coupon code, so that I could try out their product. The website was easy to use and they had several cute designs for Grandparents Day. You can ship the cards directly to the recipient or even order them way ahead of time, but just tell Cardstore the date you want it to arrive by and they will ship just on time! This time, I had the card shipped to me. It came with 2 white envelopes, so I can mail it to Nana. The card printed really nicely. It’s a sturdy 5 x 7 folded card for $3.49. I liked that I could include pictures on the inside of the card along with my message. The bigger picture on the front of my card is a little grainy, but the pictures on the inside aren’t. Next time, I’d make sure I used a huge high quality image for that front picture.

Grandparents Day Free Printables

Grandparents Day Free Printables

3. Grandparents are Special Printable: Perfect for school age kids. Have your kids draw Grandma and Grandpa a picture and right about why they are so special to them. Download for free from Intelli-Tunes Ideas.

4. When I’m a Grandparent Printable: This idea cracks me up. Have your kids draw a picture of what they think they will look like as a grandparent. Maybe best for people with a sense of humor. Download from Little Minds at Work.

5. Illustrated Grandparents Day Card: I like the cute little drawing on this card. Just download and print and mail.

6. Simple Grandparents Day Card: I love the color on this Grandparents Day card. And how simple it is. When I write cards, I always have Jaye do some scribbles on it and then caption them with what she said she wrote. Download from Made by Cristina Marie.

Grandparents Day Cards and Crafts

Grandparents Day Crafts

7. Flower Box Craft: I like the way this craft incorporates something made by the grandkids and a picture! Even though Jaye is just 2, she could still help decorate the popsicle sticks. Details at Creatively Quirky at Home.

8. Family Tree Craft: I really loved this image when I spotted it on Pinterest. However, it had no page linked to it and a Google image search didn’t produce anything. If you’ve seen it before, please let me know where! I love the simple lines of the tree with the colorful hand prints. I also love the way the grass is made out of individual finger prints. I think it would make a great Grandparents Day gift. Maybe with a tagline of “I’m glad you’re in my family tree, Grandma!” For a similar, but less messy craft, see this construction paper family tree.

9. Send a Hug Grandparents Day Card: I love this hug card. And it’s a super simple project perfect for toddlers. Jaye loves making hand prints with paint. Find the tutorial here.

10. Blowing Kisses Card: I saved my very favorite for last. This card has a picture of the grandkid behind their hand print as though they are blowing a kiss to Grandma and Grandpa! What an adorable idea. Read more about the project here.

Do you guys do anything for Grandparents Day? Do your kids have any special traditions with Grandma and Grandpa?

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