Birthday Bedroom Bonanza!

Today, I present the “before” photos of our bedroom. Hang in there, because it’s gonna look rough, but there’s a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. This is the sad, but true, state of our bedroom today. It gets worse than this though.

Boxes of winter clothes, boxes of framed art to hang on the wall, a nasty ironing board.

The one potential bright spot, our wedding photos, marred by all the junk on top of the dresser.

But after all that depression, don’t leave! I have a vision. I love the combination of gray and yellow and decided to design a gray and yellow bedroom.

Gray and Yellow Bedroom


And more than just a vision–a plan! For our 5th wedding anniversary, Phil gave me this awesome wooden bed (5 years = wood). We just haven’t bought it yet. It’s the Julian bed from World Market, and I’ve been stalking coupons before purchasing. We already own the dresser (Ikea Hemnes) and the awesome Minneapolis prints. We might also own some curtains that will work. The rest of it is my birthday present from Phil. He’s promised to watch Jaye while I shop and assemble and hang and paint and execute my vision! The side tables and lamps are the trickiest part. I feel like I might need to see the bed in the room to know what’s right for them. My hope is to find two somewhat similar nightstands at a garage sale or Salvation Army and spray paint them bright yellow. Has anyone spray painted a nightstand before (as opposed to painting with a brush)? What do you think of my plan? I’m so excited to have a restful, relaxing, romantic gray and yellow bedroom!

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