House-Feel: Cozy Modern

House-feel, you know, like mouth-feel, that gross sounding term that fancy chefs and hoity-toities use to describe they way food feels in their mouth. Except for not at all. Because houses aren’t for eating.

But how do I want my house to feel?

I want it to feel relaxing (which, for me, largely means uncluttered). I want it to feel fun and lived-in (which means toys are probably all over the floor). I want it to feel unstuffy (you can put your feet on my couch). I want it to be bright and open, full of light and color. I want it to be full of laughter, friends, food, fun. I want to “fill this house with all the love, all that heaven will allow.”

Jaye even stopped her cacophony of bouncing to listen to Bruce croon out this theme song, our first dance song, for our house and love.

As far as design style goes, the term I’ve made up and keep coming back to is Cozy Modern. I like modern style, but I want it to feel cozy. I love rooms with a mix of sleek modern with rustic industrial. It’s my Cozy Modern.

(source: houzz)

What about color? How do I feel about color, you ask? I love color. This picture is the complete inspiration and explanation of my new approach to color. Bold intense color. Unexpected and crazy. But not all over everything. And no, I’m not talking about “pops of color” because, puh-lease. Putting a pale, tiny, barely tinted, pillow on a couch does not qualify as color in my book. Neutrals are not “color.”

I created this dream living room mood board a year or so ago, and I still love it. It’s the perfect cozy modern living room.
So bring me color! And a bright, fun, cozy, modern, cheery house full of family, friends, and laughter.
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  1. I’m a “Bird with a French Fry” kinda gal too! I love your moodboard. Colour. Brung it….bringing it day by day. Your stairs are mucho inspirational. Over from FFA at Vintage Revivals.

  2. FYI: They have your rug at Ikea, I think it was like $200 or something.

  3. I love your inspirations pics and that moodboard is gorgeous! Great use of color and texture 🙂

    *I stopped by from FFA at Vintage Revivals*

  4. oh, I love cozy modern. I’m somewhere there myself. love the mood board. Fellow FFA club member 🙂

  5. i love it! “cozy modern”. that couch is to die for..

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