How to Make a Headband out of an Ugly Salvation Army find.

While in Dallas this summer, my mom and I stopped by the Salvation Army. I saw this pin in the jewelry case and wondered, “Is it awesome? Or is it hideous?” I find that I’m often asking this question, that there is a surprisingly fine line between the two.
I concluded that it was hideous, but could be awesome if it were on a headband. I’ve started to really like headbands lately. So I bought it and decided to make it awesome. 
Supplies: plain plastic headband (I got mine at JoAnns, but saw some plain colored ones at Target that would have worked too), hot glue gun, ribbon, scissors, and a page from the local grocery store ad to protect the floor.
First, I glued a little bit on ribbon over each end of the headband. 
Then, I glued a piece of ribbon across the top. I put the glue on bit by bit and smoothed the ribbon down as best I could. I always burn my fingers when I use a hot glue gun. I’ve found the best method for minimizing the pain is to rub your fingers together to get the hot glue off as soon as you feel it!
Since my main headband decoration had a pin on the back, I was able to just pin it onto the headband. It stays put because there are little ridges on the back of the headband. If it hadn’t had a pin, I would have just glued it on.


  1. That’s darling! I love it.

  2. You are amazing!!

  3. Thank you both!

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