If I won a free makeover for one room in my house, I would…

furnish a proper living room. Our house right now doesn’t really have a space for a traditional living room, but hopefully we’ll be moving to a new apartment by this summer. I expect that our next home might have a more traditional set up.

I discovered by doing this that I have very few inspiration pictures for living rooms and not a lot of idea what I would want. Here are the inspiration pictures I had clipped.

I love the mix of modern and rustic in this one, part of this house tour on Apartment Therapy.
Here’s another shot of the same room, showing the rug, which I actually really like in this space. 
I like this living room, but I’m less sure what it is about it. I like the simplicity and the fun green couch. This one also came from one of my all-time favorite house tours on Apartment Therapy.
Here’s what I’ve come up with so far for my dream living room. 
I love orange and pink, as you can see. I like a mix of textures, metal, wood, fabric. My dream living room would definitely have the shiny arc lamp. I always love those in any pictures I see of them. I find myself, surprisingly, liking cowhide rugs in modern living rooms. The other two musts would be a giant piece of artwork by an artist from the Nicaraguan island of Solentiname and the newspaper-mache animal head from Anthropologie. 
This post was inspired by the Blog Party over at It’s Great To Be Home, and I’m so glad I joined in! It was fun and informative to start thinking about living rooms. Now I know to extra have my eye out for more inspiration pictures of what I like!


  1. Love the clean lines, and orange is one of my favourites too:)

  2. I really love the mood board you came up with – it might not feel like it, but it seems like you have a great idea of where you’d like to go with your next living room! It looks so comfortable, but polished, warm and modern. I kind of want to move in. 🙂

    P.S. I’m so glad you joined the blog party, thanks and it’s been so fun reading about your dream makeover!!

  3. cool idea! I love it! I really like that grey sectional and cool overhaning lamp. I had one exactly like that when I was growing up.

  4. Love this! So colorful and fun! I agree about the overhang lamp, I’ve been stalking craig’s list lately for one of those!

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