Jaye: 12 Months

Our daughter, Jaye Mississippi, is one year old. Wow. One year ago, we were blessed with the incredible birth of our incredible daughter. A year ago today, you were just a few days old, so tiny. And now I look behind me to see you walking across the living room. It’s amazing how much you’ve learned. And amazing to thing that in another year you will learn and change so much more.
The day after your first birthday, you decided you could walk. Honestly, it was kind of like a light switch decision. We were waiting for your one year check up, and there was nothing to do in the waiting room. So you entertained yourself walking all over, round and round, without holding onto anything. And since then you’ve been on the go upright. You are so so adorable toddling around the house. The other day, you heard Dadda’s office door open and off you went, down the hallway and into his office. You love your Dadda very much. It’s been nice to have him working from home for the past bit. You can get extra squeezes during the day, though sometimes you’re sad when he has to go back to work.

You are still eating well. Lots of finger foods, but maybe getting pickier about some fruits and vegetables. You’ve figured out your drinking cups (for the most part, it’s still a wet process). And you’ve had a little bit of real milk mixed in with your formula.

This upcoming weekend (a long one) you’ll have your first overnight without us. Or maybe I should say, we’ll attempt to survive our first overnight without you because I’m about to cry just thinking about it. You get to stay with Grammy and Pops and your aunties Lucy and Lilly while Momma and Dadda go on a little trip to a wedding and to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. You really like your relatives, and I’m so glad we moved closer so you could have more love and more of them involved in your day-to-day life.

You are starting to point to things and baby jabber about them. I had the vacuum out during your nap, and you were very interested when you woke up (though you don’t like the noise at all). Loud noises scare you and you cry. Last night, I set the car alarm off stupidly, and you cried so hard. I’m sorry, darling. We checked out a Baby Einstein My First Signs video from the library last week, and you love the puppet show segments in it. You pay so much attention and shriek when they are coming on. The other day I played through just the puppet segments all together, and you sat absolutely still in my lap watching while I clipped your fingernails (!).

In the past few days, you’ve started to give kisses again. It is absolutely the best thing ever. If I ask “Can Momma have a kiss?” you’ll reach out and grab my face with your little hand to pull it close and slobber all over (sometimes). I love you Jaye.


  1. This is so sweet. I love that you wrote her a letter! (I do that for my little girl, too.) 😀