Jaye: Nine Months

Jaye is nine months old today! Your rules in life this month have been: Jaye must be standing. Jaye must be eating whatever anyone else is eating. If Jaye is not standing, Jaye must be moving.
Movement: you are definitely obsessed with standing and pulling up on everything. It’s been fun to watch you learn how to stand so smoothly and easily. When you first started pulling up, it was tricky. You weren’t sure how to do it each time, but it’s so easy now. Sometimes you even barely hold on. I think you’ll be standing on your own soon. You are also cruising along the furniture more.
Eating: You’ve started to really be aware of when Phil or I are eating. And by aware, I mean, the minute you spy food you crawl as fast as you can and pull up on my legs and holler for a bite. And you usually get one. You’ve eaten all kinds of things this month: Chicken Tikka Masala, rice, waffles, kale, teething cookies, taco soup, roasted red peppers, olives, pieces of real banana, artichokes. You love anything that’s not baby food the best. Whatever Momma is eating is your favorite.

Communication: I’ve really, really been noticing this lately. You communicate your wants and desires so much more than I ever noticed before. It’s so clear what you’re saying even though you aren’t using any words. When you want what I’m eating, you let me know. When you’re out of Puffs on your tray, you say so. When you’re happy to see me, you tell me. For the first time this month, you seemed really excited to see me when I picked you up from daycare. You were playing with your teacher and noticed me standing in the doorway. You grinned so big and shrieked in excitement and started crawling as fast as you could to the door. You were standing at the gate before I could even manage to climb over it. Last week when I picked you up from daycare, you came over and gave me lots of kisses.

You’ve been really enjoying daycare. You love to interact with the other babies. Your teacher says you  love to crawl in their personal space. One day you made a particularly good friend and you were both giving each other kisses and having such a fun time playing together. You’ve started having solids for lunch at daycare, because one day another baby was eating and you made it very clear to your teacher that you wanted to eat, too.

Adventures: You got your first tooth this month and have a second one starting to peek through. You had your first Easter and first trip to the library and the zoo.

Talking: You make a lot of noise. Lots of shrieking. And lots of different babbling.

I wanted a subject that would sit still for just one second. Because, Jaye, my darling, sitting still is just not your thing. You are most likely to sit still if I give you the car keys to play with. Those are still pretty interesting.

You’ve really discovered the bathroom this month as your new favorite place to play. You love to bang on the toilet seat. You love even more to splash in the toilet if I’ve forgotten to close the lid. You love to crawl over to the bathtub and stand up there. Lately, you love to grab this gross screw cover off the base of the toilet. I don’t allow that one. I’ll be caulking that cover down so you can’t get it.

You are so full of joy and life and happiness. You laugh a lot. You love to be tickled. You laugh if I pretend to eat your toes, or your nose, or your belly button. Your Daddy and I are crazy about you!

And here’s a bonus video of you being crazy!


  1. You got it, Jaye! Sometimes you just gotta scream cuz life is so great!

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