Jaye’s 1st Birthday: Mississippi River Themed Party

Jaye’s first birthday is coming up in about a month! I can’t believe it. She seems so big and yet so little all at once. I decided on a Mississippi River themed party in honor of her middle name and our connection to the river. 

Here’s my Mississippi River themed party mood board I created to set the feel as I start planning.

Mississippi River Themed Party, mood board, first birthday inspiration

I really want to create a big steamboat for the table. I looked at different model kits, but they all seem too expensive and probably too complicated. I’ve never built a model before, and this doesn’t need to be detailed. I think I’ll try my own hand at making one from cardboard. In my head, it looks great and turns out awesome. We’ll see what happens in real life. 

Moving clockwise through the board: I like the table in the upper left with burlaps and cattails. I’m not sure where to get cattails, though. Does anyone know?
The feel is somewhat vintage and rustic. I’m going to decorate with burlap, vintage maps, and vintage photos of the river and steamboats. Color scheme will be blues and greens like in this awesome map.

In the upper right, I love the hanging mobiles made out of paper strips. I’m going to recreate this. I think if the mobiles sway a bit, it will give some really awesome river-like movement.

For food, I think the party will be around lunchtime. I’m not sure what to do for substantial food. But I like the look of the paper plate baskets, and of course, there will be Mississippi Mud Pie.

The picture with hanging burlap strips represents the burlap banner I’m going to make with all of Jaye’s monthly pictures.

Finally, the steamboat picture on the bottom left is my invitation inspiration.

So that’s where I’m starting from. Lots to do in the next month!


  1. I’m so glad you linked this up at One Creative Weekend! I love it!


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