Kids Art Display Ikea Hack

I’m a big tease. Over a week ago, I posted a sneak peek of the awesome and easy rotating kids art display on my Instagram account. (Are you following me?) And then no tutorial appeared. But finally, it’s here. A tutorial for my new favorite thing in our house (well, maybe second to the bookshelf we built this weekend. I’ll share a sneak peek of that soon and the full post…eventually).

Kids Rotating Art Display

Jaye and I like to do arts and crafts (like painting Easter eggs, fingerpainting toddler valentines, footprint Christmas cards, or fingerpainted canvas art for my gallery wall). But in addition to those “big” projects, Jaye also just loves to draw and paint. And I haven’t had anywhere to display those daily pictures and paintings or the crafts that come home from Mother’s Day Out. The fridge just fills up too fast! But now all that has changed.

Rotating Kids Art Display

At Ikea, I saw these Dignitet devices in the curtain section. Even though they seemed to be designed for curtains, I was immediately inspired. I thought, “Those could be a cool modern looking clothes line!” And then, “For Jaye’s art!” So I bought them. You don’t need many tools to put them together; the basics plus something to cut wire.

Kids Art Display, Tips for Installing Ikea Dignitet

To save you some trouble on those tricky Ikea, instructions, here are some tips for installing Ikea Dignitet:

1. The posts are labeled for left and right and so are the base metal pieces. Make sure to screw the R post onto the R base, etc.

2. Once you’ve got both posts built, it suggests unscrewing the left metal bar somewhat. This helps you get the wire really tight because you can screw it back together once it’s all on the wall. I didn’t do this well on the first wire we installed, and it’s saggier than the second one.

3. Don’t forget to slide the smooth metal cover over the post BEFORE you install the wire. I definitely missed this step and had to take my wire out and redo it. I don’t think I’ve EVER built anything from Ikea without having to take some step apart to fix something.

4. Installation on the wall. A laser level was incredibly helpful to make sure the wire was straight. I’d never used one before but I definitely recommend it!

Kids Art Display

We used two Dignitet kits; we needed an extra post for the top one because it was so long, but not the shorter bottom wire. Jaye gets a real kick out of hanging up her fresh paintings on our new kids art display. She wants to hang them up herself, but she’s not quite tall enough yet. She definitely “gets” it though and seems really proud that her art is up on the wall.

Kids Art Display While I was at Ikea, I also picked up a Trofast storage unit. I mounted it on the wall above Jaye’s table. I wanted it to be high enough that she can’t access the paints by herself right now. I’d like to know when she has something that messy in her hands! But once she gets a little taller (and older) she will be able to reach it and get all her arts and craft supplies out. Right now, one drawer holds crayons, two hold painting supplies, and three hold playdough and playdough tools.

Kids Art Display

I added a few photographs in amongst Jaye’s creations just to vary it up. I use the Camera + app to add the Polaroid style frame and caption. It makes the candid iPhone pictures feel like such a perfect glimpse into just a daily moment in our lives. I love the way the entire kids art display is rotating and easily changeable. The top wire is harder to change (you need a step stool if you’re short like me) so I put my favorites up there. I imagine as Jaye starts back to school next week, that school crafts will get added to the art display.

Rotating Kids Art Display with Ikea Supplies

I’ll wrap it up with a picture of the entire wall. This is one wall of our big family room, and it’s devoted to kids. As I’ve been decorating this new house, I’ve tried to think about Jaye at other stages than just a toddler (it’s hard to imagine!), and I think this play area will grow along with her easily. The area above her play kitchen is blank and empty now, but I have really awesome plans for it so that’s why the bottom art display wire doesn’t extend across the wall. Stay tuned.

How do you display your children’s art in your home?

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