Kitchen Remodel Pt. 4: Painting and a New Floor

Here’s our kitchen when we first moved in. I didn’t like this pass-through window, the wallpaper border, the color of the walls and cabinets, or the floor. Whew. A lot of work needed to be done. Over a year later, I love all those things (or their absence)!
Step one was removing that quaint wallpaper border, as detailed here. Next we tackled the paint job. I followed John and Sherry’s advice on How to Paint your Kitchen Cabinets. It was a lot of work. Cabinets before, dingy, yellowed cream:
Cabinets after, fresh cheerful white: umm, I guess I haven’t quite taken that picture yet, but here’s the new blue walls painted the same color (Behr’s Songbird Blue) as in our living room.
Next we cleared our schedule for an entire weekend to conquer the floor. We swept it, cleaned it with soapy water, swept it again, and finally put down some embossing leveler to smooth out any bumps and the pattern of the former sheet vinyl floor. We measured the center of the room, and started peelin’ and stickin’ those tiles down!
To make the self-adhesive tiles look more realistic, we grouted them just like a ceramic tile floor. We used a special grout intended for vinyl/laminate tiles. Looking better already!
We didn’t tackle the steps yet. But this is lucky because now you can see the stark contrast between the old floor and the new floor!
Ta-da! We’re are so pleased with how it looks. It stays SO much cleaner. and feels nice underfoot, too (unless you step in a puddle of Margo drool).


  1. Wow! That looks like lots of owrk. It looks great

    PS – Love the new layout. Isn’t it fun to have links at top?

  2. I love the floor, it looks fabulous.

  3. Thanks, gals!

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