DFW in Review: Klyde Warren Park

Last week, Jaye and I headed downtown with some other baby friends to check out the new Klyde Warren Park. It’s a crazy new park that was actually built over the Woodall Rogers freeway in downtown Dallas.

Klyde Warren Park

We had a blast. There are lots of cool different areas and activities. Lots of green space. Fountains. A reading room. Yarn wrapped trees. Food trucks. And lots of free activities listed on their website (like yoga and a croquet league!). There’s a dog park section, too.

But, first things first, didn’t I say it was built over the freeway? Yes, I did. But don’t freak out. It doesn’t feel like that at all. I was so freaked out by that idea that I almost told my playgroup we were busy because I was having freaky mommy nightmares about Jaye falling or something. But the freeway is super far away, and if you didn’t know it was there, you’d never be able to tell it runs underneath the park.

Klyde Warren Park

Jaye and I headed over to the kids area, where there was this crazy play structure with foamy, spongey surface underneath.

Jaye was more interested in whether there were graham crackers in the diaper bag, but older kids seemed to love climbing on this orb. See that sneaky little hand reaching into the bag even though there’s already a cracker in her other hand? Sneaky, sneaky.

There was also a fun sand area, a tunnel to crawl through, and lots of slippery astroturf slopes to climb and crawl around.

Here’s the littler kids area, that was still somewhat under construction. It’s also right next to where the bathrooms will be. What a great idea!

There were several cool fountain areas that will be great come summertime. Jaye didn’t seem to be too interested in them which was lucky because it was a chilly day for getting wet. After we got tired of playing, Jaye and I headed to the food trucks at the other end of the park and got to meet Pops for lunch!

All in all, it was a really fun outing! It’s a great park and going to be a really awesome addition to downtown Dallas.

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