Last Week of Law School!

This week is my last week of law school!!!! Ever!!!! Yahoo!!! I’ll be so glad to be done. Done making flow charts. And more flow charts. And more flow charts.

I’m already done with one class, Advocacy. I had my final trial last week. And last night was my last task, an appellate oral argument. I think it went smashingly.

One class down, three to go. Tomorrow, I have my Secured Transactions exam. Saturday I’ll take my last in-class exam ever–Criminal Law.

And finally, next Tuesday (one week from today!!!) I’ll turn in my last law school assignment, a take home exam for Family Law!

I’m so excited to be done!!! As you might have guessed from all the exclamation points. Done with timelines, too.
Then I’ll be moving on to moving on to Texas!
P.S. I think we are about to rent a house in Texas. Like today.