Layout Changes: Living Room

Here’s our dining room when we first moved in. This was the view of our house from when you first come in. This half of the dining room has pretty much stayed the same the entire time we’ve lived here until now. 
To the left of the front door, we used to have this set up with the Itso storage and this chair. But we never used it and so eventually moved the snuggler chair here from the blue room. We found we used it a lot more then. 
On the wall between the windows, we’ve always had these wooden plaques from World Market. Now they’re just on a more neutral background. 
Now that we’re on the market, we’ve moved the couch and t.v. to this room to make a traditional living room. We’re actually finding the setup to be really nice. We use the couch more for relaxing, and we’ve enjoyed watching more movies together. 
Here’s the view from the other side of the room. I think the new light looks really nice in this room too!
So that’s what our living room looks like currently. Hopefully, it makes someone want to buy it!
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