Meet Stella

On Saturday, we welcomed a new addition to our family: Estelle, or more commonly “Stella.” She’s a lot smaller than we expected, weighing in at around 100 pounds. We think she could probably stand to gain another 20 or so.

She’s a 5 year old English Mastiff, who had been discarded by a breeder once she got too old. She does not currently have any terminal illnesses, unlike her predecessor (Yes! Heartworm free!).

She’s very sweet, but somewhat skittish still. She’s terrified of bikes; when they pass on the trail, she slinks behind me and tries to hide from them. She gets along really well with other dogs, which makes her so much easier to walk. We’re looking forward to even trying the dog park once I’ve trained her a little bit.

Stella adds a new task to my summer list: Train the dog. We’ll start on learning her name and learning to sit and lay down this week. 


  1. What a cute dog and a cute name!

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