My First Giveaway (remixed)

Okay, so I technically participated in that back to school giveaway a few weeks ago. But I felt kind of bad about that one because I didn’t really have to do anything. I just wrote the posts and collected lots of Facebook “likes” for free. And I mean lots. Seriously, the Nokoikonomia Facebook page has 845 “likes” now. Which is so stupid, because very few of those new “likes” actually follow my blog or care what I write about. They just “liked” to enter the giveaway. And I just took their “like” to boost my numbers so I’d look better.

But this time, I’m actually giving something away myself! Something I’ve really enjoyed. I had this vase garland hanging across our kitchen sink in our last house. It really cheered up the kitchen, even when things were chaos.

It’s hanging in our kitchen in our new Texas house, too. Across the window for the backdoor. But I haven’t taken a picture (and it’s dark now), so let’s go back to those beautiful peonies.

So I am giving away one blue cobalt vase garland (which I bought from Etsy). Giveaway ends 11:59pm on Sept. 30th. I wish I could have made the Rafflecopter entry be “Just please actually like and read my blog so I’m not just yammering to noone.” But that wasn’t an option on the form. 🙂

But wait! There’s more. I’m joining my giveaway up to a bigger Green Family giveaway with a fancy, schmancy grand prize of an entire cloth diaper stash!
Glow Bug Cloth Diapers is the grand prize sponsor for the Green Family giveaway. One lucky reader will win a complete cloth diaper stash! The stash includes 24 cloth diapers with inserts featuring the newest prints! The winner will be able to choose from either a boy set or a girl set. I’ll be reviewing one of the Glow Bug cloth diapers next week, so stay tuned for that.

Disclosure: Formula Mom and the Green Family bloggers are not responsible for sponsors that fail to fulfill their prizes.


  1. These are adorable! I like putting the flowers that my kids pick around the house (and by flowers, weeds are included…Lol). FB initials KCT

  2. These look super cute in your kitchen, so now they can look super cute in mine 🙂

  3. bohohippiemom says:

    What brightens my house is my little grandson! Lori D.

  4. My kiddos brighten our house.

  5. pictures of my 4 year old grandson brighten’s my day everyday!

  6. Fresh cut flowers! But they won’t be around too much longer. 🙁

  7. I little 2 month old brightens my day!

  8. Our little french bulldog brightens our day 🙂

    [email protected]

  9. After my grandmother taught me to make pie, my mom bought me a tin sign that says “Homemade Pies” It always makes me smile and think of them both.

  10. My tuxedo cat…..

  11. My son! He always brightens my day! But besides that, probably the big canvas wedding photo of my husband and I!

  12. Flowers. I’m a lucky lady, my hubby brings me flowers once a month. I disperse them throughout the house in mason jars of all sizes.

  13. Honestly, I love sitting on my porch in the rain with my little girl. That makes me so happy. 🙂

  14. I love having the windows open during the fall! 🙂

  15. I have a bride and a groom teddy bear from my wedding displayed on a shelf and that always brightens my day

  16. fresh cut flowers

  17. I have a 15 inch metal rooster figurine sitting on the breakfast bar, he has a spoon in his “hand.” It keeps cracking me up.

  18. fresh flowers brighten my day

  19. my kids 😉

  20. Pictures made by my daughter!

  21. I have many little “friends” (figurines… mostly cats but several other critters, as well) that sit on my desk. That really brightens my day.

    Also, I added you to my reader so I can be sure to keep up with you!

  22. I love this book wall in my son’s room with a lot of my favorite books from when I was a kid displayed up there. The cobalt is beautiful.

  23. my kids

  24. A shelf in our living room with our favorite little trinkets 🙂

  25. I beautiful pic of my kiddos!

  26. my son and my daughter

  27. My puppy!

  28. My boys’ smiles 🙂

    eg kaufman

  29. so cute.. my sweet girls smiles and flowers

  30. my son

  31. Fresh cut flowers from my garden brighten my day!

  32. My little succulents I have around the house and my kids.

  33. I love to have my carpets freshly cleaned but it’s only once a month. I have a water fountain that is beautiful I look at it everyday

  34. My son!

  35. My three delightful cats, and my lovely daughter!

  36. My little daughter running around the house.

  37. my baby boy! his smile is so bright!

  38. micheal dale grim says:

    my 7 cats,and my 2 kids!!!

  39. The little thing around the house that brightens my day is my four month old! 🙂 Also, the family photo hanging in my office from last year’s vacation makes me happy.

  40. my daughters brighten my face. 🙂 the rest is sheer chaos as we wait for our son to be born, but those girls are a breath of fresh air (as long as they nap!) 🙂

  41. My little boy hehe

  42. My sons! Also the lamps 🙂

  43. Sherry Compton says:

    My candles. I love it when I have them lit and filling the house with wonderful scents.

  44. my boyfriend and also the plants

  45. Right now? We just took out our Halloween decorations and I have my FAVE ceramic pumpkin out. 😀

  46. Sherry Compton says:

    When my candles are lit

  47. Gretchen Gerth says:

    Pictures of my family. I love looking up and seeing their faces.

  48. Heather1984 says:

    Quilts! Each one I have out has it’s own little story and brings warmth to each room!

  49. Heather1984 says:

    For some reason the twitter btton to follow you is not working! I would love to follow!

  50. I have a sign I made for my daughter room that says “Here comes the Sun”, I call her my sunshine and I love seeing that sign.

  51. neva hurlbut says:

    my baby girl brightens my day