My Heart Walking Around Outside My Body

At the beginning of September, Jaye started attending a Mother’s Day Out once a week at the church across the street from us. Here she is on her first day. She had a little bit of a hard time at first. She would cry when I would first drop her off, but I would just smile and tell her to have a great day and I’d be back soon. Then I’d wait around a little and sneak a peek at her through the window. Usually she’d have calmed down and the teacher would be distracting her by reading her a book. Sometimes she’d be sitting in the baby swing (looking way too huge for it!), but just sitting back watching everything. Her teachers said she was stand-off-ish with the other babies. She just wanted to watch and figure everything out. As the weeks passed, I started getting increasingly positive reports from her teachers on how her day went.

When she started Mothers Day Out, once a week was enough. It was just a true Mothers Day Out, to give me a break and give her a little socialization. But I knew that we’d need more help (lots more) in January when I started my Barbri class and studying for the bar full time. I was hoping and praying more space would open up in her current Mothers Day Out. I really didn’t want to have to switch her or hire a nanny (someone new for her to get used to).

And, thankfully, it did. As of this morning, Jaye attends Mothers Day Out three days a week. What does she think of it? This morning, she just toddled into her class room pointing and talking about the toys. She waved “bye-bye” to me without even glancing back.

I was kind of hurt. But mostly, happy that she was happy. It is kind of hard to have her gone three days a week. Even though I didn’t intend to be a stay at home mom and have been looking forward to working part time, it’s still an adjustment. A step of separation. But a good one. And she’s ready for it.

P.S. That’s her first “official” school picture. It’s hanging on the bulletin board near the computer. Jaye points at it and talks about it. I think it’s just too cute, especially since Sergei had to be in the picture, too.


  1. So cute! We still haven’t tried a MDO yet– I’m both chicken and frugal. 🙂 But, I think it’s about time.

  2. Glad to hear it gets easier. My little man cries a lot when I drop him off at the daycare my mommy group uses.

  3. So glad you’re able to drop her off with no tears now. I’m sure that it’s a great way for her to socialize. Love the photo too.

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