Nursery: Library Cart Bookshelf

While Phil and I were still dating, I fell in love with rolling library carts. I really wanted one. So, for Christmas one year, Phil made me one! 

I wanted to use it in Jaye’s room and decided to both paint and stain it to match the two-tone look of her crib. So I bought a little sander at Home Depot and went to town on it in the basement.

Once it was all sanded, I wiped away all the sanding dust and started staining. The staining was the hardest, and least successful part of the process. I did two applications, but still felt like it wasn’t the right color. Unfortunately, I didn’t actually compare it to the crib before doing a third super coat. The super coat was a mess. I left it on too long and it was really, really sticky and hard to wipe off again. And it turns out that I didn’t need it at all. The cart shelves are definitely darker than the crib drawer. Oh, well. Live and learn.
For the painting step, I hauled my shelf out to the garage since the staining had stunk up the basement. I did one coat of primer, using a stain-blocking primer that we’d bought for a certain ceiling stain. Then I did two coats of plain white. I used a foam roller. It turned out pretty well. Before I painted, I had used some wood filler to smooth out certain spots, but after painting I noticed WAY more spots I wish I had filled. Oh, well. Live and learn.
I don’t have a picture of the empty final product, because I was too excited to put it in the nursery and fill it up!
I’m so happy with it. I love that both Phil and I put our own love and sweat and frustration into it.
I love it! Do you?


  1. Adorable! 🙂

  2. Love it! Are plans for this available?


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