Nursery: The Crib

We bought a crib.We ended up choosing the Baby Mod Park Lane crib from Walmart.
How did we settle on this one?
          I liked the two-tone look.
          I also liked that it had a drawer.
          I wanted neutral and modern.
      Other Requirements:
          A non-toxic finish.
          Made out of real wood and not some freaky MDF or something.
          As cheap as possible, under $300.
The Park Lane crib met these requirements according to its online description. And the site-to-store free shipping is awesome.
Last weekend, we brought it home (just barely) from Walmart in the little yellow Aveo. It really just barely fit-to get it out, we had to open the box and take it out piece by piece. But we did it, setting up the pieces upstairs.

The only downside seems to be this label I found on the inside of one of the pieces, which states that part of the crib is made of MDF, which definitely contradicts the statement from the website that there are no paper press boards and the crib is made only of solid wood. The whole “Compliant for Formaldehyde” part kind of freaks me out too, since the whole point of getting a solid wood, non-toxic crib was so that it wouldn’t off-gas weird, carcinogenic chemicals like formaldehyde. At least the concentration of formaldehyde is low enough that California approves?

Well, it’s the crib we have now and will have several months next to the window upstairs to hopefully off-gas BEFORE it’s occupant takes up residence.

As for assembly, the drawer and it’s railings were the hardest part. We had to build the drawer earlier in the process than the instructions suggested to try to figure out how to attache the railings to the side of the crib.

We ended up having to attach and reattach the railings. But, after studying a drawer from our current dresser, we finally got it right.

But we finally got it right!

Phil approved!

And Baby Schrader approved too!


  1. Michelle says:

    I know what you mean about the “offing” of chemicals. We bought a bookshelf for Zane that we could smell for weeks. Not cool for babies! You look great & so does the baby space!

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