Our New Home: Living Room

The living room was the second room I started to seriously focus on. We spend the most time in it, and I had a good idea of where I was going with it. I wanted it to be put together by Jaye’s birthday party, which was only a little more than a month after we moved in.

But I think I made it, don’t you?

The low white benches are hand-me-downs from my sister Lillian. Her room is getting a little upgrade now that she’s starting high school. I love that they provide toy storage as well as a low surface for Jaye to play at. They are just the right height for her. The goal for the gallery wall is to fill the entire space and have it be an awesome focal point in the room.
The room still needs a few more lamps in addition to my awesomest lamp ever, but *hint*hint those might actually be in existence already but not photographed yet. I also have an awesome idea for the low wall under the window.

And just to keep it real, here’s the mess that I cropped out of the picture. Our computer desk shares a corner of the living room, and I haven’t figured out how to make that look good yet!

You can read more details on each step of the living room here- turning a weird old dresser into a t.v. stand, updating a cabin-worthy deer lamp, upgrading our couch, choosing a rug, and getting art on the walls.


  1. I love those pillows!!!! Great job!
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  2. This is lovely. I’m looking for an inexpensive couch. I may have to check out Ikea. 🙂

  3. Love the play area. White is so clean and pretty and can be paired with nearly any decor.

  4. Jill–I LOVE your blog! I just spent WAY more time than I have (woopsy) clicking from here to there all over your life; I love it! And I really did not realize how awesome you are at decorating and designing and all that; I could use some serious Jill rescue!! =)