Our New Home: Total Before

Finally, some pictures of our new house. Here’s the layout. I love the wood floors throughout. That was super important because both Phil and I HATE carpet. The kitchen is linoleum and the bathroom is tile. Everything else is wood. 
When you enter the house the coat closet is in front of you, the garage to your right, and you are looking into the dining room (but not from this angle). The dining room is next to the kitchen, which is nice because in our Nokomis house, we couldn’t quite figure out what room was supposed to be the dining room and had furniture arranged a zillion different ways. The doorway to the left in this picture leads to the kitchen.
As soon as you enter the kitchen, a closet on your left is our laundry room. So far, I LOVE having laundry on the main level and not in the basement. It’s so easy to do loads during the day while watching Jaye. Our new washer and dryer are awesome. Obviously this picture was before they were delivered. The dryer has a window on the front. Jaye likes to watch the clothes go round and round.
The kitchen. Basic. We do have a microwave now, which we had previously refused to own. It’s secretly pretty handy.
The other side of the kitchen has room for a breakfast table or something and a door that leads out to the patio and backyard.
The living room. It’s bigger than our Nokomis living room and also less broken up by windows and doorways. This makes it way more functional for us. There’s room for a bigger couch and room for Jaye to play. The door at the end leads to the bedrooms and bathroom.

Phil and Jaye standing in the living room, looking back at the dining room.

The first bedroom is Jaye’s because it had a smaller closet. Note: it doesn’t photograph well with the light on. The walls in the bedrooms are cream rather than the tan of the main rooms.

The next room, just one wall away from Jaye, is our “master” bedroom. It’s not super masterful, since it’s the same size as the other bedrooms, but it had a bigger closet.

Down the hallway is the bathroom. It’s a bathroom. The paint in there is light blue, which is never a color I would have chosen. But I like color in general, so I respect it.

The last bedroom down the hallway is Phil’s office and our guest room. Phil’s job allowed him to work remote from home in TX, which has been awesome. It was great not to have to worry about a job change along with the move. Plus, it’s been nice to have him home. Sometimes we get to eat lunch or he just pops out to give Jaye a squeeze. 


  1. Cute! I can’t wait to see all the personal touches you put on it! Hope Texas is lovely!

    • Texas has been great so far, Melissa! Has your move and new town gone well?
      The personal touches are coming along, slowly but surely. Starting over is fun but hard work!

  2. Love it! Can’t wait to see it in person. hugs to you all, my dear. =0)


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