Our New House: House Tour Before Move-In

Welcome to our new humble abode! I snapped quite a few true “before” pictures before we even started cleaning or painting or unloading any furniture. So let me take you on a quick tour.


Come on in! This is the front door you just entered from. The coat closet is on the left of the picture and the door to the garage in the bottom right corner.

MagnoliaBeforeMoveIn3 Here’s the view as soon as you come in. This is the playrooom/library. To the right is the hallway to the bedrooms and to the left, it’s totally open to the dining room and kitchen. Hooray for open floor plans!

Dining room and kitchen

Here’s the dining room into the kitchen. The dining room is the only carpeted room in the house. Who’s bright idea was that? Toddlers + food + carpet = MESS! MagnoliaBeforeMoveIn11

The kitchen with original oven, water damage to counters near the sink, and more filth and nastiness than you could ever imagine covering all the cabinets and pantry shelves. I’ll spare you close-up photos. 3-Magnolia-Before-Move-In

I’m really looking forward to having a separate laundry room. And check out that huge closet for my craft supplies, extra serving dishes and party decor! MagnoliaBeforeMoveIn18

We also have a second living area! This is the family room. It’s huge and also pretty open to the kitchen. If you haven’t noticed, Phil and I believe the kitchen is the heart of the home and pretty much every room should be open to it. 🙂 4-Magnolia-Before-Move-In1

Down the hallway you can see some of the special touches the previous homeowners left. We’ve started using their name as an adjective/stand-in for something that is shoddy or just nasty. 4-Magnolia-Before-Move-In2

For example, in Jaye’s room, there were no outlet covers on any of the outlets. And they quit painting on the last wall of the room, but just smeared a little bit of their roller across it. There were also no working smoke detectors in the whole house when we moved in, and an electrical breaker box that was a huge fire hazard. Classy. (*sarcasm*)


The pink bathroom. Hint: I shopped for tile today. This will be the first BIG remodel project.

2-Magnolia Before Move In3

Finally, our bedroom and our bathroom. It’s been pretty nice to be able to use our own bathroom without worrying about waking Jaye up. 1-Magnolia Before Move In4

While there is a lot to do (and most of my time is spent thinking about projects–my head is swirling with ideas!), we’ve really been loving the house even just as is. The spaces are great. It’s been fitting our family so well. And Jaye seems pretty happy here too!


  1. Great looking space …… I know you are going to make this house into a very special home for your family (without the pink tile)!!!!!!!!!! I hope you’ll keep posting updates. =)