Surfside Beach 2013

This year, our big family vacation was a trip to Surfside Beach, TX. Early one Friday morning, we packed Jaye into the car before she was even awake and set out. Jaye slept almost the entire way to Houston (*fist pump!) where we picked up Drew, Margie, and our niece (Phil’s brother and his family).

Surfside Beach

We gathered some supplies at Wal-Mart and gathered our own strength with lunch at Olive Garden. Then we headed south for about another hour and a half to Surfside Beach. Surfside is a really little beach town about 45 minutes south along the coast from Galveston. I’d chosen Surfside because it’s typically cheaper and less crowded than Galveston itself. Also, a section of the Surfside Beach is designated as for pedestrians only, no cars allowed! I really don’t like it when cars are allowed to drive on the beach; I think it spoils the relaxation. And I especially didn’t want it with a crazy almost 2 year old around!

Surfside Beach

This was pretty much what our days looked like. Playing in the sand and waves for a few hours in the morning. Lunch and nap time. Then more beach time in the afternoon.

Surfside Beach Texas

Jaye liked digging in the sand. We played fun games in the waves. She would count to three and then order Phil to “Jump!” and he would plop under the waves, which cracked Jaye up. She also loved finding shells and bringing them to Aunt Margie who would tell her about them.

Surfside Beach

After the other Schraders left, Aunt Laura came for the last two days. Jaye was, of course, super happy to see her. And we, of course, didn’t take any pictures to prove that she was there. Oh well. Speaking of pictures taken, I just looked back at our 2012 beach trip and I can’t believe how much Jaye has grown since then.

Surfside Beach Texas

In sum, we had a fabulous trip. I love the beach. But I’m not positive that Surfside Beach will be “the” family beach we’ll return to year after year. That hunt might still be ongoing. What’s your family’s favorite place to vacation? Do you have a favorite beach?


  1. How fun! We enjoyed South Padre. There is a sea turtle sanctuary that was so much fun…. but considering how long it takes to get there, next time we’ll just head to Florida. Glad you guys had a fun time!

  2. Oh, that looks WONDERFUL!!! What beautiful scenery, and a great trip. 🙂

  3. This look like so much fun, Jill! I’ve never been, but we totally need a beach destination in Texas…I will remember this!

  4. What a beautiful trip, with beautiful photos!


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