Fingerpainted Canvas Art

Fingerpainting Art with Kids

The other morning I was reading some blogs and came upon Kim's fingerpainted canvas art and was instantly inspired and motivated. I thought, "I've pinned something like that several times on Pinterest, now it's time to actually make it. And I have all the supplies on hand. Jaye and I are making our own fingerpainted canvas art TODAY." Basically: (1) Take a canvas, (2) Apply stickers or vinyl in the shape of whatever quote or image you want, (3) Let baby go to town with fingerpaints, (4) Once … [Read more...]

My Rose-Colored Glasses

This post is sponsored by I have been compensated for writing the post, but all opinions are my own. Image from the Virtual Mirror at Last week, Jaye and I headed to Salvation Army and Goodwill on one of our afternoon outings. In order to find anything good at thrift stores like Goodwill, you've got to wear rose-colored glasses. What do I mean by that? If you've ever been to a Goodwill, you should have an idea. You enter the store. It smells … [Read more...]

Hangin’ Around

Art Gallery Wall

One night we were playing Settlers with our best friends, Chris and Laura. Chris glanced at all the frame boxes still leaning up against the dining room wall ever since the move. He said, "Why aren't these unpacked and on the wall yet" and that was when I knew it was time to hang the art and make the gallery wall I had planned. So I started thinking about where all the art should go. The wall behind the couch needed something big. I decided to put the picture of the man in the rain there. We … [Read more...]

Nursery Art Wall Finale!

Nursery Art Wall, Noah's Ark Nursery

I actually finished prepping and hanging all of the artwork on the Jaye's nursery art wall over New Year's Weekend, but finally have some pictures to show for it! Before (the room as our bedroom): After (Jaye's nursery): Here's the full wall as seen from the doorway. I like to do frame collages like this on this wall because of the corner. I think it's nice to connect the two walls with one "piece" of artwork, like this collage. To figure out the layout, I cut squares from … [Read more...]

The Little Project that Took a Year

Last Christmas, I bought Phil two prints from Etsy.  I loved them (and I think he did too). They show the same scene in the daytime and at night of a girl riding her bike along the Mississippi River underneath the Hennepin Avenue bridge in downtown Minneapolis.  Only the day scene is happy and cheerful: the sun is grinning, a fish is leaping from the water, and a couple with a baby stroller walks across the bridge. The night scene is downright sinister: the sun has a moustache and a pistol, … [Read more...]