Modern Playful Bathroom Reveal

Modern Playful Bathroom, Teal Turquoise Bathroom

We finally got our butts in gear over the past week to finish up the final details of our new bathroom. (We were having a party, so that was just the motivation we needed!) And through a secondary miracle, I took pictures and am finally sharing the reveal of our modern playful bathroom! Or it could be called the teal and turquoise bathroom reveal. Whichever you prefer. But first, to refresh your memory: The pink and dirty and cracked before picture. Oh man. I'd almost forgotten how ugly … [Read more...]

Modern Playful Bathroom Mood Board

Modern Playful Bathroom Mood Board

We are planning a bathroom remodel. A big one. We (and by we, I mean the contractor I hired) are going to take our ugly pink bathroom with the sagging floor totally down to the studs and build it up right. I created a modern playful bathroom mood board to help envision the new room. The hallway bathroom is both the kids bathroom and the guest bathroom. So I wanted it to be fun and playful (and durable) for the kids, but also calm and relaxing for any guests using it. And just a … [Read more...]

Our New Home: Total Before

Finally, some pictures of our new house. Here's the layout. I love the wood floors throughout. That was super important because both Phil and I HATE carpet. The kitchen is linoleum and the bathroom is tile. Everything else is wood. When you enter the house the coat closet is in front of you, the garage to your right, and you are looking into the dining room (but not from this angle). The dining room is next to the kitchen, which is nice because in our Nokomis house, we couldn't quite figure out … [Read more...]

Bathroom Renewal Part One

One of the tasks on my list before we rent the house and move to Texas is the bathroom. We had the shower tile redoneabout a year or so ago. At the time, Phil and I tried to seal the grout ourselves. But it hadn't worked. The grout in the shower is disgusting. I plan on having a handyperson come out to seal it so we can get it right this time. But first I have to get it clean.  Luckily, I had an excellent helper today. Yuck, Momma. That grout is gross. To get started, I googled. I … [Read more...]

Pinterest Perspective

What Pinterest and I wish my medicine cabinet looked like. What my medicine cabinet actually looks like. And that's just fine.  … [Read more...]