Forgotten Projects: Favorite T-Shirt Pillow

Once upon a time, with our 5 Year Reunion from college nearing, my good friend Kelsey had a birthday coming up. Kelsey as one of my bridesmaids. Once upon another time, even longer ago, Kelsey, another friend, and I had gone on an epic bike camping trip while in college. This trip involved loading our bikes up with camping gear. Riding away to another town and camping by a a lack. It also involved creating a LOT of weird inside jokes. For instance, we found this "Hot … [Read more...]

Bike Trip Vacation!

We've triumphantly returned from our Biking Vacation Bonanza! We left Minneapolis at 2 pm last Tuesday. We biked to Northfield. We biked to Redwing. We ate cheese curds. We bike to Stockholm and noted its cuteness and ate WAY TOO much food. We biked to Alma where we were greeted at the best B&B ever with cold beers. We had a jacuzzi, too. We bike to Winona, where we were greeted by no on at all at the not-best B&B, but where we had fun anyway. We biked to Trempeleau, where it turns out … [Read more...]