Futon Playtime

In the evening, Jaye and Daddy play on the futon together before bathtime. … [Read more...]

Jaye, the Camera Hunter

 This is Jaye.  Jaye likes to play.  She spots her prey.  She's on the move.  Anticipation.  Focus.  Excitement.  Determination. Examination. … [Read more...]


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Jaye’s Week

A collection of iPhone pictures from this week. … [Read more...]

A Good Day

Jaye liked daycare today!!! I'm SO happy and relieved! She hadn't been in for about a month for various reasons, and I had no clue how it would go. I was hoping that being able to sit and crawl around would make it more fun. And I guess it did! Because her teacher said she didn't cry at all until she was hungry. Then after she ate, she just got back down on the floor and played some more. She was asleep when I went to pick her up, so I snuck out again and ran a quick errand before coming back. … [Read more...]