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Seventh CSA box

I’m not entirely sure what came in the box this week and what was left from last week, but here’s the veggies we need to use up this week: lots of potatoes, both new potatoes and Yukon

Sixth CSA box

OMG. So many vegetables. And spending a week with my sisters (new vocabulary!). OMG. Our friends were out of town this week (and will be next, too) so we got the entire box. Vegetable overload. In the

Fifth CSA box

We got fennel again. I wasn’t stumped this time. We also received: carrots cilantro dill cabbage beets green onions dinosaur kale green beans broccoli potatoes zucchini There was so much food this time that the couple we’re

Fourth CSA box

Yesterday, Aki and I ended up wandering through the downtown farmer’s market after some Salvation Army shopping and before a beer at Brit’s. I love, love, love the farmer’s market. And miss not going so often now

Second CSA box

We got blueberries this week! I’ve already eaten an entire pint, but there’s at least 4 more in the fridge! We also got: kale, bok choy, green onions, parsley, beets, and lots of lettuce. Bok Choy 1.