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Jaye wrestles

The other night, Jaye and Phil had fun wrestling on the kitchen floor. Phil would twitch suddenly every time she “got” him, which, as you can see in the left picture, made her giggle.

Beach Trip 2012

We went to the beach awhile ago. It was so long ago that Jaye couldn’t even walk yet. Like at the end of July. But here are pictures and videos finally. The very first evening we were

Baby See Baby Do

Lately, Jaye must do whatever she sees Phil or I doing. If we sweep the kitchen floor, she must sweep (unsuccessfully). If I’m writing a grocery list on the marker board, she must scribble too (successfully). If

Awesome Laughs

The other night while I was making dinner, I heard a bunch of laughter coming from our bedroom. I snuck up with my camera and found Phil and Jaye having a blast. They were lying on their