Oreo Pretzel Fudge

I made Oreo Pretzel Fudge loosely based on this recipe from Beantown Baker the other weekend. (I do lots of fun things "the other weekend.") They were a big hit at a party we ended up hosting for Drew and Margie and their college friends (who were very appreciative of the Macalester color theme we've got going in our house).Basically, it's a layer of milk chocolate with pretzels in it. And then a layer of white chocolate with oreos in it. Basically, it's delicious.Next time I would use WAY more … [Read more...]

Lawyers Get Very Hungry: A Dinner Party

From left: Brittany, Geri, Laura, Rachael, Maureen, and me!We had a dinner party last night with my new law school friends and their significant others. It was a blast. One of the guys even reported that "it wasn't as bad as I was expecting." In other words, high praise.It was fun to meet everyone's menfolk (we didn't make them be in a picture) except we caught Laura's hubby Chris and part of Maureen's Jason.It was fun have everyone meet Big Margo and see the house. Margo begged pretty hard, … [Read more...]

The Quest: Chai Shortbread

Once upon a time I stopped at the Tea Source in St. Paul for an iced tea. I was kinda hungry and grabbed a Chai shortbread cookie that was wrapped up by the register. Unwittingly, I was embarking on a long quest by doing this. It was a quest to replicate what was one of the best cookies I've eaten in a long time. Unfortunately, it is still an ongoing quest.I started with this recipe from Cooking Light. The first time I made it the texture was nice, but the flavor just wasn't there (note: … [Read more...]

TWD: Arborio Rice Pudding

Sunday Nov. 16th 4:26 PMRice is parboiling on the stove. After reading P&Q comments, I decided to use 1/4 cup rice, but only 3 cups milk. I'll add more milk later if it starts looking dry. I love rice pudding, so I'm very much hoping that this works out.4:30 PMWaiting for the milk and sugar to boil. I'm eating a coconut-pineapple Dum-Dum and listening to the Hold Steady.4:38 PMMilk still hasn't boiled yet. Phil's painting the trim in our hallway. We bought some new "itso" organizers from Target … [Read more...]

TWD: Kugelhopf

Even though I'm not generally scared of yeast, this week's TWD recipe was as complicated as its name, Kugelhopf. (I'm not sure I spelled that right) The recipe was supposed to produce an end product that was a mix between a bread and a cake. The dough certainly was a mix, too runny to be bread dough, too sticky to be cake batter.Only somewhat daunted by the comments in the P & Q, I slogged into the recipe, just trying to follow the directions even though my dough didn't seem to be following its … [Read more...]