On Sunday morning, Jaye (and Big Teddy) got all dolled up for a big event, her baptism! Here's Jaye up front with Phil and me and one set of her godparents, Chris and Laura. You can read the episcopal baptism service from the Book of Common Prayer here. She was not a big fan of the baptizing process. She cried and complained, looking at Laura as if to say, "Rescue me from this strange man who's dumping water on my head! Come on! Why are you just standing there smiling? Save me!!!" But she … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Farm in the City: Big Orange Pumpkin Farm

Pumpkin Farm

This morning Jaye and I went to the Big Orange Pumpkin Farm in Richardson. Yes, there is an entire farm smack dab in the middle of Richardson! You don't even have to drive an hour out of the city to find pumpkin and farm fun. I was super excited to discover this place. Jaye was super excited, too. Mostly about the goats. She LOVED them. She giggled and laughed and stuffed her little fingers in their mouths feeding them oats. She never wanted to stop feeding them. And I never wanted to stop … [Read more...]

DFW in Review: Dallas Children’s Museum

dallas children's museum

When my sister in law¬†Rachel¬†and her little ones were in town, we discovered the Dallas Children's Museum hiding in the basement of the Science Place. One of the rooms was full of foam shapes and things to crawl on. It was limited to just babies, so no crazy "big kids" (like 3 yr olds) to knock Jaye over accidentally. Jaye liked it. The next room had a nature theme. There were tanks with lizards, a puzzle that Benjamin (3) enjoyed working on, and an ant tunnel to crawl through. Jaye's … [Read more...]

Beach Trip 2012

We went to the beach awhile ago. It was so long ago that Jaye couldn't even walk yet. Like at the end of July. But here are pictures and videos finally. The very first evening we were at the beach. Jaye was in love instantly. Here's a video of her first encounter with the ocean. Loves it. We hung out with family. We dug a whole for Jaye and made her a sand exer-saucer of sorts. Here she is in video playing in her sand hole. She liked being able to stand and play. Jaye was … [Read more...]

One Year Photo Session

Yesterday, we headed to Pioneer Plaza in downtown Dallas for an unprofessional photo session. Thanks to our awesome friends Chris and Laura and their new fancy camera, we got some great pictures! … [Read more...]